Forum-X UK Escorts, Escort Agencies & Punters Forum for discussing and reviewing escorts and agencies in London & UK.
Plus discussion about the general escort and punting scene in London & UK.
This forum is run in conjunction with Escorts Plus, UK national escort directory plus 7 of their regional escort directories.
Covering London Escorts, Wales escorts, Scotland escorts, North of England escorts, Midlands escorts, South of England escorts & East Anglia escorts.

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Forum-X - UK Punting forum & UK Escort forum
discussing the escort punting scene in the UK.

UK national and regional discussion,  with listings & reviews of escorts, escort agencies & massage parlours offering their services as Scotland escorts, North of England escorts, Midlands escorts, East Anglia Escorts and the Eastern counties escorts, Greater London escorts, Central London escorts, South of England escorts or Wales escorts. A punting forum full of punting and escort resources. 

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Total Members: 4,029
Total Posts: 41,016
Total Topics: 6,381
Total Categories: 7
Total Boards: 41

To provide a community for escorts, escort agencies and  agency escorts, plus in-call providers in massage parlours and multi provider flats to interact with their clients.

To provide a community where punters can interact with both the escorts that provide the services they use and other punters.

To list all UK escorts, escort agencies and in-call establishments in their geographical base area with their personal or establishment details and services offered for the benefit of punters seeking these services.

To allow punters to comment on and review the services of escorts, escort agencies, agency escorts and in-call establishments they have used to help provide extra information for other punters.

To enjoy and benefit from free membership of  Forum-X

To generally respect the opinion of other community users and not use Forum-X for the purpose of spam posting or disrespectful campaigns against other Forum-X members or service providers.

Posts other than "General off Topic Chat" and non regional specific "Escort / Punting Chat" should be made on the respective "Regional Board"

Any escort, escort agency, massage parlour or any member with a vested financial interest in the escorting business should send a private message to KimPlus Forum-X Admin  stating their status in the industry.

Declaring your industry status will result in additional posting privileges (i.e. being able to post on Regional Announcement Boards).
Failure to declare your industry status will result in having any promotional posts removed, any link to your own site in signatures or profile removed and risk losing membership to Forum-X.

Total Members: 4,029
Total Posts: 41,016
Total Topics: 6,381
Total Categories: 7
Total Boards: 41
Please welcome CoraWise, our newest member.

In-line with our escort directories that this escort-punting-forum supports, we will now be implementing the regional guidelines more strictly and ensuring escort / providers are first listed appropriately and limiting any  advertising, announcement or promotional postings to their respective regional announcement boards. Listings are still free for all escorts, agencies and parlours but must stay within new guidelines.

Main Guideline (includes those below)
Guidelines for posting comments, enquiries or reviews on a provider.
Guidelines for listing a provider by member or provider herself.
Guidelines for escorts / multiples advertising onthe Forum.
104 Guests, 1 User

Basic description of the content of Forum-X forums and it's associated escort sites.

Forum-X - Originally a local resource just covering the East Anglia and Eastern Counties. It is now growing slowly into a National UK punting and escort resource and giving  essential feedback to our National UK directory EscortsPlus listing escorts, escort agencies and massage parlour throughout England Scotland and Wales and our regional directories each covering their own area and adding far more detail to each listing.

Our first board is essential reading for all members as they cover members guidelines, and forum-x comments and problem reporting.
The guidelines cover Registering - Logging In, Managing Profile, Posting, Personal Messages, Searching and our Forum-X Guidelines and Rules all pretty straight forward. Along side these is our assurance of privacy to members, our board member ranking explained, plus an outline of our objectives and what our members can do to help us improve this valuable escort and punting resource. Comments and problem reporting are where both punters and escorts can make posts telling us of any problems they have either logging in, viewing or posting on Forum-X, plus draw our attention to any broken links on Forum-X or in any of our directories.

This is followed by a strictly on topic UK escort / punting board:

Punting /escort related chat - This is where both escorts and punters get to discuss all matters of the sex for sale business. Again we frown on advertising posts but encourage discussion on punting related matters of interest to all UK members and attempt to steer solely regional matters to the appropriate regions boards along side any listings, reviews and comments on service providers operating within the region.

Forum-X is then split into 7 regional forums each aimed at there own Region.

Sex-in-the-South / Southern Counties Escorts boards welcomes listings for escorts, escort agencies, working flats and parlours in the South West of England, South Central England and the South East of England plus discussion and reviews by clients of the providers listed.
South West of England which is aimed at punters and providers in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. 
Southern central Counties of England aims to cover providers in Buckinghamshire plus Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Isle of Wight.
South East of England for escort service providers in Surrey, Kent, West and East Sussex.
All providing information for our South of England regional escort guide.

Pboro-Plus / Eastern Counties Escorts boards cover escort, escort agencies, working flats and parlours in the Eastern Counties which includes East Anglia.
Separate listings, discussions and review boards for each of the eastern counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.
These all providing much of the new information for our East of England and East Anglia regional escort guide.

Midlands-Maidens / Midlands Escorts boards are aimed at punters in the Midlands and list escorts, escort agencies, working flats and parlours in the East and West Midlands.
Midlands is then split into the counties of Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, and W Midlands each listing, discussing and reviewing escort service providers from each county.
These individual county resources supplementing our Midlands area regional escort guide

London-Lasses / London Escorts boards covers listings, reviews and chat relating to escort, escort agencies, working flats and parlours in the Greater London area.
Currently split geographically into Central London,  North London, South London, East London plus West London which covers Heathrow. Each geographical  area with listings, discussion and reviews of local providers.
These London reviews and posting supplementing our London regional escort guide.

Nookie-in-the-North / Northern Escorts boards cover the escort and punting scene in the North of England with reviews, comments and listings of escort, escort agencies, working flats and parlours in the North East, North West and Yorkshire.
With escorts listed, discussed and reviewed from Middlesbrough and Newcastle in the North East, across to Manchester in the North West with many in-call escorts and massage parlours right down to Lincolnshire a county with rather fewer escorts.
This information on Northern providers supplement and helps build our regional escort guide for the North of England.

Scotland-Scandals / Escorts in Scotland covers discussion, reviews and listings for all escorts, escort agencies, working flats and parlours in the Scottish Highlands, Lowlands of Scotland and Scottish Borders. With most of the escorts and massage parlours based around Edinburgh and Glasgow with just a few further north in Aberdeen.
These post all help to build our Scotland regional escort guide.

Want-it-in-Wales / Escorts in Wales possibly still the least busy boards with comments, reviews and listings covering escort, escort agencies, working flats and parlours in North, Central and South Wales with the more populated areas of Swansea, Neath, Cardiff and Newport in the South having the majority of the escorts and most of the punting action.
These boards supplementing our Wales regional escort guide.

Each of the above regions with an announcement board for escorts and agencies to post their news and availability.

All in all a punting forum for punters and escorts to share information, making Forum-X into a one stop resource for escorts and punters alike.

General chat - a free for all board where we allow no advertising but where jokes can be told, and general everyday happenings freely discussed, a board where everyone can post something.