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Does anyone have any info on visiting the following?

Angela at Euphoria - naturist massage - Garvestone
Bev - Thetford - massage
Shirley - Benfleet - massage (Please note this provider has requested that her listings be removed - The Boym)
Do you know of anyone else who offers a proper 1hr massage on a bench with possible option of HR?



I have visited the Euphoria spa at Garvestone a couple of times a year or so ago. It was a nicely set up place with a large indoor jacuzzi, bar, shower, small sauna, tanning booth, sofa, music and tv etc. The massage rooms are private and well equipped with proper tables, soothing music etc. I can't comment on the HR as I only went there for a straight massage, although it is available. Angela said something along the lines of, "is there anything else you want to ask me before we start?".

When I visited they had at least another couple of girls there as well as Angela wandering around in those beauty therapist style outfits, although I only had massage from her on both occasions. I really liked the place, and spent a while in the jacuzzi and enjoying the rest of the facilities. It seemed that most of the guys just came in, got their massage and left, which is a shame as the place has so much more to offer. The vibe is much more naturist or maybe even swinging, rather than knocking shop, which makes a pleasant change.


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