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Premier Massage - 0700 5401015 - Gt Yarmouth Agency

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--- Quote from: happyharry on October 26, 2005, 02:22:20 PM ---Location: Great Yarmouth, small flat about half mile from town centre. easy to find. OK - but have seen lot better.
Date of visit: 25th Oct 2005
Price: 70 for 30 mins
Touri works for Premier massage (0700 5401015). Seems they offer incalls in Yarmouth as well as outcalls is general area.
Upon enquiring I was told they had three girls on in calls that day. I mentioned that I prefered a slimmer girl. They suggested Touri who was described as a petit size 8, from Hawaii.
Well she was certainly petit in stature (about 5ft) but size 8 ? Small bust but pear shaped would probably be kindest. Nevertheless, a pleasant girl with a nice smile.
To be honest, she wasn't as expected from the description and so i declined the massage and got down to the main event. Oral (with) was pretty good, no eye contact but enthusiastic. I then asked for her to come on top. having done so she lay almost motionless with her head buried in the pillow. At that point I  felt that I may as well get it over with and get out.
--- End quote ---

Website claims to be East Anglias premier agency etc...

However they are only Gt Yarmouths and a few miles west of it - they don't even go as far as West Norwich area! I rang and asked.. and this is what I was advised when I asked if they would outcall to me..

Very very poor website admin as well....

Nuff said

I *think* www.norfolkgirls.co.uk is theirs too.

don't know for sure tho

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Possibly the worst web site I haved ever seen and the girls aren't much better!!!!"


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